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Vitra La CHAISE.jpg
Switzerland 1950

Vitra, a Swiss boutique furniture created by numerous design masters including Eames and his wife, Verner Panton, George Nelson, Liu Zongli, etc., was born in a small German town in 1950 and became a world-renowned classic brand. The single chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames was first discovered in New York, and then it was authorized and produced and sold, which quickly attracted the attention of the European furniture market. Up to now, vitra's contribution to industrial design is still in a leading position, especially for the consideration of people's working and living environment, office or outdoor space, I believe that through design changes can bring better taste and home life. Strong line design and color contain Vitra's unique style of design concept, material, technology, aesthetics and practicality, write a distinct annotation for the brand. One of the most prestigious designs is the joint development and creation with the Danish designer Verner Panton, using reinforced polyester material to create the world's first single-material, one-piece, S-curve Panton Chair Chair, which is bold and avant-garde. Design played a revolutionary breakthrough in the history of modern furniture. Many of Vitra's classic works are collected in world-renowned art museums, and have won various design awards including the German If Design Award for corporate design, the German Red Dot Design Award for Red Dot Design Award, and the British FX International Interior Design Award FX* International Interior Design Awards, etc., can be regarded as the furniture brand with the most design culture value in the world.

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