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Italy 1968

Founded in 1968 by Italo Buccella, Vibieffe is a modern furniture brand from Italy. When Italo created the brand, it realized that the tastes and consumption patterns of the public were changing, and furniture and interior design redefines new ways of life. Elegance, comfort and beauty have become indispensable elements of a new generation of home furniture. Vibieffe presents its sophisticated, elegant and Italian-inspired brand to the global market, and has collaborated with designer Gianluigi Landoni to propose a range of furniture for the home, including sofas, armchairs and bed sets. Beds, chair covers especially designed for accessories such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, daybeds, beds, ottomans, chaise longues and furniture, available in countless leathers and fabrics, shades, textures, fibers and finishes. In addition, each Vibieffe set cover material is available in many colors to choose from, from soft tones to vivid and unique colors, as well as trendy and classic-style tones, which not only add a richer look and personality to the product, many Beds and chair covers can still be completely removed for replacement or cleaning. Committed to designing and producing meticulous and elegant high-end modern furniture with enthusiasm and innovation, adhering to the requirements of high-quality products for the brand, and constantly creating works that amaze the furniture industry and the international market, Vibieffe has the highest quality among the boutique furniture brands in the international market. replaceable position.

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