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France 1935

Treca Paris, a traditional French top bedding brand founded in 1935, started from the factory of the brand founder Victor Moritz in Reichshoffen, a small town in northeastern France that produced spring mattresses. The highest quality of natural animal and plant fibers, no other chemical ingredients are added to make the mattress. In particular, the patented double-sided deep penetration buckle technology of hand-sewing professional skills, solid tradition and exquisite custom craftsmanship make the brand an indicator of high-end bedding products. The idea that Treca conveys is not just a mattress or a bed, but a way of life, an art of living, and an art of sleep. The exquisite craftsmanship inherited by the brand is inspired not only by the most magnificent hotels in Paris, but also by designers from all over the world, as well as by excellent artisans, and most importantly, by the internationally renowned French tradition and rich professional background. Defining the enjoyment and importance of sleep is not only a moment of peace or a break between busyness, but also brings the user into the beautiful world of sleep. Treca takes a leading position in the global bedding brand with its exquisite bed-making technology and novel style design that pays attention to artistic aesthetics. Members such as the British royal family Prince George and Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie are all brand fans.

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