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Germany 1819

The legendary German chair Thonet has been around for more than 200 years. Michael Thonet, who originally started out as a furniture maker, designed a simplified aesthetic chair Thonet No.14 under the influence of the industrial revolution and modernism at that time. Presenting a smooth and streamlined line design, it has won the favor and appreciation of Le Corbusier, a modern architect, and has sold more than 600 million copies worldwide so far. The beech wood is placed in a steam engine, and the wood is slowly soaked with high-temperature resin to soften the curved wood technology. Under Thonet's continuous pondering, the curve is more precise, and it is applied to the chair foot to make the chair look simple but elegant. It is an epoch-making chair. Thonet also cooperated with many experienced craftsmen and well-known designers, including the Bauhaus school, architect Norman Foster, and German furniture designer Wolfgang CR Mezger, etc. Create timeless and unique pieces for the brand in modern and future life. Classic No.14 has not only appeared in many classic movies such as "La la land" and famous restaurants, but also has collections by Einstein, Tolstoy and the White House. It is also collected by the Design Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is worth mentioning that the chairs and sofas designed by Thonet won the bronze medal at the Great Exhibition of the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, which was the highest award for industrial products at that time.

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