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Italy 1990

Roda, the top Italian furniture brand, was established in 1990. It started as a factory specializing in the production of teak outdoor furniture. It was born under the concept of "In & Out" by Roberto Pompa, the founder with passion, vision and keen observation. Abbreviated Roda. The outdoor area is used as a place to live and decorate exquisite furniture, with selected materials such as stainless steel, stone, braided rope and professional color aesthetics, to delicately enhance the texture and level of outdoor furniture, and skillfully connect indoor and outdoor furniture to each other. , to achieve the appeal of visual harmony. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on quality and durability in the material structure of the product. For example, the elegant and meticulous texture of teak is selected to conform to the performance of the natural atmosphere and show the natural beauty. Roda has always outlined a modern home taste with a minimalist and restrained design, but the variety of products allows users to choose and match according to the needs of the environment. For example, geometric shapes conceived with rich leather materials and refined craftsmanship, or cleverly configured seating combinations, unleash infinite emotions in seemingly complementary contrasts. Roda can always use indoor and outdoor furniture flexibly without a trace, recreate any possible appearance, meet the needs of every user in a natural and warm way, and make life more comfortable.

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