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Röthlisberger Kollektion
Switzerland 1928

Founded in 1928, Röthlisberger was originally a wood-based workshop located in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Since 1951, Röthlisberger has been producing furniture and interior decoration as its main business. Today's company has changed a lot from what it used to be. What was a wood factory has become an engineering department with a complete interior design, traditional workbenches have become advanced CNC tools, and a can set up any imaginable area of the machine. In addition to wood, different variations have been added to the design and product materials, including metal, glass, stone and many other selected materials. Röthlisberger started producing designer furniture collections under its own brand in 1977, and the business of the company became more diversified. Each product retains the original spirit of the brand and adheres to the excellent Swiss quality. Its elegant design appearance and ergonomic product functions show the perfect ideal of the brand's unremitting efforts. In addition, Röthlisberger has been cooperating with many well-known architects and designers, extending the continuous creation and design inspiration to products and presenting classic furniture designs in the best possible way. At present, the brand has been handed over to the fourth generation and continues to create amazing works, as well as the eternal core value of the brand. Röthlisberger has won many international design awards, including the Design Prize Switzerland in 2013 and the if (If Design Award) in 1998.

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