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Italy 1957

 The Italian furniture design brand Poltronova established in 1957, even in the Tuscany region, where design resources were not very rich at the time, still had Italian modern design leaders Ettore Sottsass as art director, and Excellent teams such as Gae Aulenti, Paolo Portoghesi, Giovanni Michelucci, Angelo Mangiarotti, the well-known architectural design studio Archizoom and the modern architectural legend Superstudio, in addition to subverting the public's perception of home design, are also the main advocates of the legendary "Radical Design Movement" in Italy . Bold creativity and unconventional routes are the label of the brand, and it has also led Poltronova to quickly open up its popularity internationally. It is worth mentioning that the Ultrafragola wave mirror, which was born in 1970 and is still the brand's classic creation, reveals a little bit of "bad thoughts" in the designer's heart and shows a feeling of "feasting and feasting". The pink wavy mirror The lighting can capture the beauty of the user in any dim place. Many Hollywood celebrities have collected this wave mirror, which is a legend in the mirror industry. The success of Poltronova also includes designer Luciano Nustrini, whose PA6 seat is the first product of the brand to win the Compasso d'Oro Golden Compass Award, a design born in 1957 that is still used by the design industry as a low back seat. The classic representative of the chair.

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