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Italy 1994

Paola Lenti, an Italian home design brand started with textile industry technology, was established in 1994. Has an excellent manufacturing team composed of engineers, architects, tailors, interior decorators, weaving technology professionals and local craftsmen, combining traditional Italian construction skills with modern technology, transforming natural and artificial fibers into unique, delicate and durable material. The fabric design includes unparalleled carpet craftsmanship, as well as movable furniture seating, shading, landscaping, lighting, etc. suitable for outdoor and indoor. Using materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, stone, metal and recyclable fibers, through the corresponding details of color and decoration, each product design shows an unforgettable and delicate construction method, and the texture of the material highlights the brand's emphasis on design. With the process, a harmonious and harmonious free space is stacked. Paola Lenti is constantly researching various possibilities, selecting a wide range of sustainable and innovative materials, which can maximize the quality and durability of the products while practicing the high-tech performance of the products. Paola Lenti's work has won the Red Dot Award: Product Design category of the 2021 German Red Dot Award for Product Design. In addition, the series of bed sets and sofas also won the excellent product design category of the German Design Awards with the "Awards Award" in 2016.

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