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Italy 1950

Opinion Ciatti, established in the 1950s, is a furniture brand located in Florence. From the initial production of TV cabinets, dining tables, chairs, and bookcases, the brand spirit of more than 70 years has been woven by great people and ideas, and has been passed down to this day. to the third generation. With the changes of the times, the brand has also invested in the production of series of furniture such as computer desks and cabinets, and once again stabilized its position with its texture and excellent market competitiveness. With a bold and innovative spirit, he develops a series of dismantling and movable kitchen furniture, and actively cooperates with well-known contemporary designers including Bruno Rainaldi, who loves to experiment with different expressions, combined with the industrial design background of the third-generation successor Lapo Ciatti , known worldwide for high-quality furniture and cabinet designs that can be adjusted, combined, moved and reconfigured. Opinion Ciatti has a rich history of furniture, and also invests deep emotional connection in the design of works, breaking the barriers of design, extending the tentacles of inspiration to different elements, and then bringing new ideas into the works. Adjustable, mobile and highly combinable furniture not only tells the diverse appearance and free fashion of modern society, but also cleverly uses the composition of space, lines and materials, so that the product is practical and can also be displayed as a single work of art. The changeable living styles of the home are displayed one by one. The Original Ptolomeo bookcase designed by the brand has won the Compasso d'Oro award at the 2004 Golden Compass Award.

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