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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

Netherlands 2001

Moooi, a Dutch boutique furniture brand that presents a humorous and unique design style and magical visual effects, adds an extra letter to the beautiful Mooi in Dutch, conveying the concept that the brand is more beautiful than beauty. Marcel Wanders, one of the founders and the current art director of the brand, hopes to provide all designers with a space where they can unleash their creativity, and Moooi is like an experimental center with open inspiration, attracting outstanding designers from all over the world to cooperate in a collaborative manner. Join the team and inject more creative elements into Dutch design. Unlimited design and hair make the brand full of imagination, sometimes humorous, sometimes childish, and sometimes very fashionable and avant-garde style, but no matter which form it belongs to, practicality and aesthetics will definitely make the home space popular the focus of attention. The magic design of Moooi, who does not play cards according to the card theory and always likes to think in reverse, often brings unexpected surprises and visual feasts to everyone. Moooi has also won numerous awards internationally, including the Best Lighting Design Award at Elle Décor UK in 2002, the Best Furniture and Lighting Award by the FX International Interior Design Award in the UK, and Marcel Wanders, the founder of the brand in 2006. It has also won the Elle Décor UK Designer of the Year Award, and the Best Lighting Brand Design Award from Harper's Bazar Interiors.

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