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Molteni & C
Italy 1934

Since the establishment of the brand for more than 80 years, the long journey is full of obstacles and challenges, but for Molteni & C, which has become an important part of Italian modern wooden furniture, every day must continue to enrich its knowledge, because every day is a challenge to itself. The demands are increasing, and it will never be enough. From the initial handmade furniture studio, to the development of world-renowned home furnishing brands including the main brand, high-end kitchen Dada, and office furniture brand UniFor SPA, Molteni&C brings the romance, delicacy, honor and refinement of Italian culture to the fore. The essence is brought into full play. Reshaping the restrained wood in the impression with craftsmanship and high-end technology, people forget the original and simple appearance, and present a restrained design. The brand also cooperates with well-known designers including Norman Foster, the world's most influential architect, and Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize Lifetime Achievement Award, to extend its products to more different categories of items. In addition, in addition to participating in the planning and design of museums, boutiques, restaurants, embassies, cruise ships, hospitals, theaters, etc., other famous works include the cruise ship in Walt Disney World, Cartier's flagship store in Paris, and the Venice Opera House. Interior design of Teatro La Fenice, etc. Molteni & C was awarded the Compasso d'Oro award in 1994 by the industry known as the Compass of Italian Home Culture.

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