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Netherlands 1974

Founded in 1974, Montis is a top furniture design brand from the Netherlands. With a variety of low-key and restrained, but the production quality of heritage craftsmanship brings a noble and elegant temperament to the interior home. Whether it is a minimalist style or a luxurious and comfortable design sofa, carefully matched with a variety of special leather, material and welded metal frame, large area and depth of seating space and ergonomically designed backrest, footrest, and variable assembly Arrangement, providing users with the desired lifestyle, ingenuity and flexible configuration in the space, and immersed in an unparalleled comfortable home feeling. Since its establishment, Montis has been continuously developing and researching, integrating simplicity and elegance with smooth lines, and seeking innovation and breakthrough in the concept of comfort. The purpose is to meet the needs of modern life in various backgrounds with the uniqueness of the brand. For example, the idea of putting on and taking off a jacket for a sofa or chair with "given its Jacket" is not only popular in the Netherlands and other European countries, but also successfully distinguishes it from other brands. Often in the process of continuous thinking, the fusion of new technologies crosses the traditional boundaries of handmade, and combines the ideas and creativity of well-known designers to re-innovate chapters in sustainability and the use of new materials, setting the brand's tone. Modern perfect self-requirements and high functional satisfaction of homeowners.

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