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Italy 1999

Founded in 1999, the Italian design home brand Laurameroni is famous for its unique material surface technology application and carefully selected materials. Through the tacit cooperation between designers and craftsmen, the touch and beauty of the product are coordinated, and the delicate and elegant surface work can be felt by hand. Laurameroni selects high-quality materials, from mahogany, teak, walnut, brass, copper, polished steel, leather, etc., perfectly applied, combined in a unique collection, and brought to the extreme through traditional craftsmanship and finely carved details. Each product is a unique and exquisite work, and it is constantly adjusted and changed according to the needs of the environment and the market. The ever-changing designs and mixed materials not only meet the customized needs of high-end customers, but also show the brand's creativity and perfect texture. design taste. For Laurameroni, the philosophy of "there is no good, only better" has always been adhered to. For them, the true tradition of Made in Italy must be differentiated and unique products, and it must be able to combine tradition and originality, balance technical craftsmanship and creative imagination, and constantly research and innovate. Laurameroni's designs won the gold medal in the A' Design Award, the world's leading international annual design competition, in 2018.

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