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Italy 1979

Founded in 1979 in Lapalma, northern Italy, it is a family business run by brothers Dario and Romano Marcato. The brothers' first furniture was in a garage near their home, and took hours to build by hand. In 2000, with skilled skills and advanced 3D modeling technology, they needed less than a minute to complete a well-known work with Japanese designer Shin Azumi: LEM Stool high chair series. They have always adhered to the heritage of top Italian craftsmanship for what they love most, technology, material use, research and determination. Even though the brothers worked at NASA before founding Lapalma, they have precision design manufacturing experience and background, but they are still down-to-earth and continued. work hard. On the other hand, Lapalma is constantly looking for innovative concepts, and in line with the changes of the times, it gives the brand neat curves and modern silhouettes, bringing a series of multi-functional minimalist modern furniture to home or commercial space. Since its establishment, the brand has always adhered to Italian production and manufacturing, using natural and innovative materials such as Italian wood, leather, handmade fabrics and other natural innovative materials as product elements, and has won the German Red Dot Design Award for many times. Design Award, and the 2001 Tokyo Good Design Award and many other prestigious international awards. In addition, Lapalma is also a member of ASSARREDO and CATAS, and its products are ISO 9001 certified.

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