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Kartell, which sets aesthetics and quality as absolute goals, was established in Italy in 1949. It is the first design product company made of polycarbonate Polycarbonate. The brand spirit is innovative and constantly launching refreshing design products. Including one-piece plastic furniture such as chairs, tables, lockers, lighting and various creative stationery, etc., escape from the narrow frame of plastic materials, and use advanced and excellent industrial design technology to integrate them into the surrounding life. . Kartell in different periods has its own wonderful performance. What remains unchanged is the brand's clear style and charm, and adherence to the details of contemporary art. In addition to the rich product shapes, bright colors and lightweight plastic furniture are sometimes minimalist and sometimes colorful, injecting a new trend into modern furniture. The technology, texture and durability of the product range are part of the brand’s DNA, but also echo the elements of home life and fashion. Cooperated with many well-known designers to launch a variety of charming classic designs, turning everyday plastic materials into unique products with high plasticity and excellent, with both function and quality, positioning the brand with a high sense of recognition and design status. Kartell has not only been named one of the most innovative companies in Italy, but also won many international awards for its stunning designs, including several Red Dot Product Design Awards, and several times the Golden Compass, known as the Oscars of Italian Design Prize Compasso d'Oro.

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