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Germany 1937

Founded in 1937, Interlübke has become the most well-known global design brand in Germany with its free and dynamic brand spirit and influential modern home style. Drawing on the essence of minimalism, after balancing the prototype and characteristics of the object, it is free to unleash its unrestrained and changeable potential. Show the brand's enthusiasm for craftsmanship with joy, and present the design of timeless charm with simple lines! Interlübke combines contemporary features with innovative styles, harmoniously matched with highly personalized materials such as precious wood, natural leather, and meticulous metal fittings. It is cleverly used in basic furniture styles to shape the exclusive character and mood of furniture, and it can be freely used. The surrounding environment is connected in one go, leading into the perceptual realm of savoring life. In Interlübke's concept, the life scene is not fixed, but furniture is closely related to everything, and users can let the furniture express the most authentic personality and emotion through their own preferences. The design and production of each product reflect a well-thought-out texture, tailor-made for each product with rigorous and precise proportions and keen fashion, perfectly combining simple design concepts and skilled craftsmanship, becoming a pioneer in the field of modern furniture and decoration . Interlübke's design has won numerous awards, including the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, Germany, and in 2020, it won the Gold Medal Award for Excellent Product Design by the German Design Award.

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