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Italy 1950

Founded in 1950, ICF design furniture, famous for its minimalist style, comes from Italy, where creative inspiration is omnipresent. Combining advanced industrial technology and inheriting Italian design concepts, from the precise metal casting process to the outstanding craftsmanship, the rigorous manufacturing process upholds traditional standard details to achieve each unique and outstanding object. Fashion is the innate DNA of ICF, perfectly controlled like the natural elements of daily life. The exquisite details expressed by the product reveal extraordinary craftsmanship and precise professional mechanical technology. Transforming precious materials into unique art objects requires not only knowledge and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, but also passion and the spirit of inheritance. Made in Italy represents the brand's excellent taste and attitude, carefully examining texture, function and efficiency from every angle, and showing the best and most elegant appearance in every aspect. Continuing the history of design and loving different research and experiments, ICF's outstanding design series extends from home to business, covering global multinational companies, banks, hotels, hospitals, airports, museums and conference rooms, etc., designed for ergonomic comfort. Seats, or high-quality sofas built with architectural and industrial technologies, express brand characteristics with high recognition, meet the different needs of commercial and home spaces, and convey the multi-faceted functions of the brand's professional, practical and aesthetics.

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