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Italy 2007

Italy 2007 Henge, a top Italian furniture brand established in 2007, delicately interprets the traditional Italian craftsmanship and excellent craftsmanship skills. The furniture items include tables and chairs, sofas, bookcases, mirrors and classic lamps with both stylish design and practical functions. and more, all made in Italy. The varied designs endow the contemporary aesthetics with a new realm, and outline the space life with an elegant and refined modern taste. Definition furniture is not only a piece of furniture, but also a companion in life travel. Once you enter the home, you will become a part of the family, accompany and establish a warm and pleasant relationship. Henge is committed to eternal pursuit and realization, but is not limited by established styles, fashion trends and preconceived ideas. The brand originates from the English Stonehenge, emphasizing the mysterious and unique spirit, because every element from nature has its own form and distinctiveness, which is worthy of attention and use. Under the plain and simple appearance, it is low-key luxury. It is good at using precious materials such as bronze, rare marble and American walnut to describe the sense of retro fashion and luxury with different textures and lines, giving each piece of furniture its own style. Because of the insistence on quality and concept, the products can only be mass-produced, and the cost and cost are relatively increased, but it also allows Henge to stand on the bright stage of the global luxury brand in a very short period of time.

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