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Denmark 1967

Denmark 1967 has set the tone of perfection and exquisiteness from the beginning, bringing together daily life, attitudes and habits one by one, and redrawing the objects and items in life with the minimalist lines that nurture details. Then give each object a unique style with elegant and innovative curves, and discover unexpected surprises and beauty in daily life. Gubi's life is full of curiosity and inspiration, sometimes using courage as a paintbrush, and then using creativity to enrich the palette, transforming the space into an uninhibited canvas, extending infinitely. The furniture and lighting in life all have their own unique stories here, eloquently narrating the beauty of texture, or interpreting functions without hesitation, each piece of design is so fascinating. Gubi's home design series from large objects to exquisite sketches has received warm responses and numerous awards in Denmark, and has also received international attention and attention. The design works express exquisite details and unique design lines, which combine aesthetics and texture, and embellish and show elegant and beautiful daily life. In addition to the collections in the MOMA Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert in the UK and the Design Museum in London, the National Museum in Stockholm and the Arktikum Museum in Finland, Gub’s contemporary home design series can be enjoyed.

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