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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

Spain 1940

Everything that cannot be seen will lay a foreshadowing of surprises for the creative possibilities. This is Glas Italia, the top Italian glass furniture brand founded in 1973. It uses the simplest materials to break through the impossible realm and create a piece of Another piece of work that is not simple and continues to excel in the world of glass. Glas Italia started by making all kinds of doors, partitions and glass furniture. Backed by a family with a strong century-old glass production experience, Glas Italia can fully transform the passion for glass into the power of dream realization. Combining traditional craftsmanship and advanced industrial technology to cast magical magic on glass, with exquisite cutting technology, pure and thin glass material is transformed into unexpected and rich appearance, perfectly combining practicality and art. Sometimes simple, sometimes multi-angle, sometimes colorful and delicate visual situations are projected in the space, and charming structural lines are displayed in the casual light and shadow. Glas Italia has always attached great importance to the cooperation with well-known contemporary designers, including French genius designer Philippe Starck, minimalist master Jasper Morrison, Japanese designers Fukasawa Naoto, Yoshioka Tokuren, etc., together in exploring the fantasy world of glass to achieve Impossible possible. Glas Italia's creation series has won many design awards in the world, including multiple Archiproducts, NYCxDesign architectural product design awards, and the design award of ELLE Decoration in 2019.

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