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Spain 1940

Spain 1940 Gandia Blasco, who started in the textile industry in 1940, has launched an outdoor home design related to outdoor furniture, accessories and architecture because he built a seaside holiday villa on Ibiza Island in 1966, which is closely related to the Mediterranean lifestyle. . Elements and architectural geometries of the outdoor furniture collection, expressing streamlined, pure architectural design, primarily based on a patented structural system of aluminium and plastic, have created an unprecedented market niche. The architectural lines that are in harmony with nature and the comfortable and relaxed design spirit that connects the sea and the sky also define the brand personality of Gandia Blasco. High-quality outdoor design furniture is also favored by boutique hotels and holiday homes around the world, including the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Manama, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Mexico, the Maris D-Hotel in Turkey, the Vidago Palace Hotel in Portugal, and the Aka Central in New York. Park... and installations in the outdoor space of Tokyo's Haneda Airport, the BMW Beach Lounge in Belgium, etc. From the Mediterranean coast to European bohemian France, from Asia across the Atlantic to New York, reaching out to meet people and cultures all over the world, connecting the world in Gandia Blasco's own language.

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