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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

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Gallotti & Radice
Italy 1955

Italy 1955 Gallotti & Radice is based on the passion for glass art, and has been committed to research, development and promotion in the professional field. After years of continuous development, it has established its firm market position. Using simplicity and elegance to express the artistic conception that they want to convey, Gallotti & Radice continues to innovate technology to combine various materials with different properties, such as wood, marble, metal, etc., with glass technology to present the ultimate mechanical beauty. The long-established Gallotti & Radice was succeeded by the second generation in 1996, continuing the classics and cooperating with new designers from different backgrounds to provide customized services for different needs. Make glass and transform it into a sophisticated design product. Glass, aluminium and steel are the main materials for Gallotti & Radice, and glass is 100% recyclable and has an important advantage in terms of sustainability. The SirT 32 coffee table and Riki bar trolley designed in 1971 are not only contemporary classics of Gallotti & Radice, but also the brand's hottest works, which are still widely echoed today. The excellence and detail displayed by the brand represent a timeless texture, the result of years of experience and continuous progress with clear goals.

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