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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

Italy 1928

Italy's top luxury furniture company, with passion, tradition and family history since 1928, from the production of prototypes to the completion of the finished product. Fratelli Boffi is one of the few companies in the industry that can fully manage and produce at the same time, using its expertise in the field of furniture to provide the best guarantee of quality. These successes are attributed to five different departments: Product Development, Technological Processes, Painting and Polishing, Interior Design and Decoration. Strictly select precious wood materials, integrate advanced technology with traditional manual techniques, and continue to work hard in technological reform and updating equipment. In addition, we also cultivate professional and qualified employees and customize special planning and management companies. The requirements for details and strict control from the inside to the outside are to produce all kinds of extremely attractive style furniture. Fratelli Boffi is not only a company with design ability, but also can produce practical durable and high-end top-level customized furniture, which has gained an absolute certain voice and status in the global market.

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