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Italy 1932

FontanaArte is preparing to celebrate almost a century of history - the 90th anniversary milestone. History, the natural relationship between glass and light have developed with the birth of Italian design to this day. Founded by Gio Ponti in 1932, he instinctively promoted innovation and cultural unity in the industrial age, and invited the industry's most important architects and lighting designers to establish the design category of architecture, lighting and furniture. To this day, Ponti's addition of "Arte" to the company name remains the key to transcending any single line of products. The spirit of timelessness, the balance between art and industry, equally inspires FontanaArte's contemporary pieces, a balance of innovation and durability. Characterized by timeless objects and ornate shapes, some of these pieces have become design classics exhibited in the most important museums around the world. FontanaArte has won the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award 2022 with its Alicanto lamp, designed by Francesco Librizzi.

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