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Italy 1879

The Italian 1879 Emmemobili collection was founded by the Tagliabue family in the 1980s and is currently operated by the fifth generation. It has been breathing the air in the world of wooden furniture since its birth, and it is full of the elements of wooden furniture DNA. Through years of experience, frequency has discovered the beauty of change from very subtle observations. Keep an open mind and engage in various tests, combine various woods with different materials, break through difficult and complex problems, develop the sophistication of different fabrics, and perfectly find materials such as marble, metal, leather and fabric from contradictions. Mutual modification points. Each piece is born from the skillful skills of the craftsman, balanced and blended in a precise way to create a pure concept. Advocating internationalization, exquisite craftsmanship, artistry, design and uniqueness are the cultural cores, leading Emmemobili to the natural evolution of its growth path. From realizing the gradual steps of dreaming, designing, creating, sculpting, building and then combining them into one, today it has become synonymous with top-quality wooden furniture in the international market.

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