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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

de sede switzerland 1965

Originating from a Swiss harness workshop, it is committed to handmade high-quality leather, and meets the individual needs of the contemporary world with familiar craftsmanship and innovative thinking. De Sede's goal is to let people enjoy the fun of furniture all the time, to interpret furniture design and production methods as much as possible, and to show the best quality with traditional technology and craftsmanship. By observing, testing, responding to different changes, and always listening attentively, we continue to refine and optimize our products to meet customer needs. The ergonomic art design meets the comfortable texture of various angles. Top-quality leather is strictly selected, precision-cut, and color-matched. We insist on combining 20 to 30 years of experience craftsmen with high-tech precision structure to continuously create outstanding and top-quality leather sofas. The insistence on high quality is De Sede Adding unique charm, it has also become a permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Rijksmuseum in Germany. The classic DS-600 snake-shaped sofa, born in 1972, is inspired by "Mamenxisaurus", a dinosaur with the longest neck and the largest number of cervical vertebrae. The lively and lovely shapes can not only be arranged and combined arbitrarily, but also increase the flexibility of space. , until now the attention is still high and loved by everyone.

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