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Italy 1987

Unparalleled comfort, timeless elegance, these are the classic qualities of Edra. Founded in 1987 in the Renaissance town of Tuscany, it is run by architects and art directors Valerio Mazzei and Massimo Morozzi. The brand is deeply influenced by the pop style. The beautiful and exaggerated appearance, bright and magnificent colors, and dramatic tension will make people involuntarily fall into it after sitting on the sofa, just like lying in a gentle embrace and not wanting to stand up again, Edra The touch and vision brought to people have gradually become the brand characteristics of Edra, and stand out among many furniture brands. Known internationally for its uniqueness and high-standard quality, combining artistic tradition, technical research, exquisite craftsmanship, expertise and selected high-quality materials, Edra has always created unique and meaningful products. The sofas, armchairs and all products of the Edra collection are designed and manufactured in a way of absolute quality, making each one unique and a decorative, functional and collectible piece of home art.

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