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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

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Italy 1968

Founded by Enrico Astori in 1968, with a sense of mission in unique living experience, Driade, with its rich experience in furniture branding, meets the needs of everything from luxury homes to top commercial spaces, including private residences and villas, restaurants, boutiques, As well as international hotels, embassies, etc. From the spirit of experimentation as the core of the design, it combines the beauty of life art and practicality. At the same time, it also cooperates with well-known designers and architects around the world, including Philippe Starck, Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola, Enzo Mari, Faye Toogood, Toyo Ito, Kazuyo Sejima and Naoto Fukasawa, etc., not only to create many outstanding works , and also produce interesting, surprising, multi-faceted and diversified innovative elements from the agitation of different cultural backgrounds. Particularly noteworthy representative works such as the Objet Perdu chair and the Boom Rang armchair by Philippe Starck are all works in the collection of well-known museums. The creative director and Italian architect Fabio Novembre, who just took office in 2019, is good at integrating human body lines into the furniture design "Nemo" Greek goddess sculpture seat, humorously integrating art into life, not only showing dramatic tension, but also a spacious and comfortable seat. Chairs are more practical.

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