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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

Italy 1990

For nearly 30 years, the high-quality design home Desalto has focused on more powerful functions, introducing a product concept of refined aesthetics to the world based on long-term sustainability and technical research. The constant investment in the development of new technologies and the improvement of traditional production steps has made Desalto a brand that is both young and old. Founded in 1990, it started with Orsenigo, the heir of a metal manufacturing family company at the time, and then with four brothers planned to create a company that was more up-to-date, starting with traditional brands and emerging companies to adopt new designs The creative design of the teachers is the goal of mutual cooperation. Different visions but with the same corporate philosophy, through harmonious, expressive, elegant and minimalist design and ingenious communication to achieve common basic values, leading the company to become a contemporary design that meets modern needs. Clay Table by Marc Krusin made its debut at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2015, and has won many design awards in succession, such as: Iconic Design Award 2015; Good Design Award 2016; Red Dot Award for the 2016 Product Design category, etc. The design industry has been recognized and consolidated its unshakable position in the industry.

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