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Italy 1979

Italy 1979 Founded in 1956, it specializes in the manufacture of top quality residential furniture. It has a reputation for cooperating with international hotel groups to provide top-quality furniture. Such as the Trusthouse Forte of the London Fox Group, the Sheraton Sheraton and the CIGA Hotel, thus allowing the traditional craftsmanship of Cascina from the Tuscan town to flourish internationally. Ceccotti Collezioni adheres to the tempering accumulated over a hundred years, and insists on traditional hand-made top furniture as the core. It has always been thinking about aristocratic atmosphere and exquisite wooden craftsmanship. The simplified lines are more restrained and contain the thoughts and history of Ceccotti Collezioni. Over the years, the brand founder Franco Ceccotti has combined his rich inspiration, knowledge, taste and traditional exquisite craftsmanship with designers from different styles and backgrounds. The top-level art furniture with a strong sense of design has given birth to an irreplaceable classic brand, and through the network and Connecting all over the world, Ceccotti Collezioni's unique style.

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