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High-end furniture space art respect private consultation

Italy 1989

A people-oriented family business, it has successfully transformed from a leather processing factory to a design furniture brand. The core concept is based on the six elements of family, balance, intuition, light and shadow, color, and game. It has rapidly developed from furniture manufacturing to an international design enterprise. From design to production to ergonomics, it has undergone careful calculation and consideration, and took the lead in integrating functions. , aesthetics and details are combined, running through the simple and recognizable characteristics, with unique sensitivity and design concept as the basic concept to extend the versatility. In 1997, it obtained the international quality certification ISO 9002; in 2006, it obtained the environmental protection certification ISO14001; the whole series of single chair products passed the GREENGUARD certification in 2008, and Arper has spared no effort to contribute to environmental protection and has a high influence.

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